Going Out Gaudette Style

Last night, the gang got together at the Melting Pot to send a friend (Launa) back to Long Beach, California, where she can make twice the dough she does in Memphis. Launa is gay, and her luvah has been in California the entire time she has lived with us in Memphis, which is a few years. I tell you that Launa is gay only because it's relevant to my story.

As a farewell gift to Launa & because I didn't buy her anything, I did what any giving girlfriend would do. I shoved her camera down my plunging neckline and gave her a shot of my cleavage. That's priceless art. So, then Tiffany had me take a picture of her "dimples," which is really the nice, curvy part of a skinny woman's hips to her ass, and Tiffany has a great ass. So, we talked Kim into giving up one of her girls, because both of her girls would have required a wide-angle lens.

Launa stood over us cackling but that doesn't really accurately describe Launa's laugh. Launa's laugh should probably have its own name and maybe a zip code as well because that thing carries, but it also warms your heart when you hear it one hundred feet away. She pondered to us, "What is it about straight women that you can just look at each other's breasts and touch them, and it's just no big deal?" I told her she should consider going straight so she could get more (free) action.

We then passed the camera over to the other table, and all the GAY MEN came running over to view our pictures. Because my picture was taken first, it was viewed last, and then Randy said, "RENO!" I threw my hands up in rock star style with an all too loud "Whoooohoooooo!" and said, "Yeah, didn't know I had all that, huh?" We begged the boys to offer something memory worthy on Launa's camera, but all were too shy or just not drunk enough.

This picture is me looking at Launa's hidden breasts.

This picture is Launa returning the favor.

This is Sweet Sister Kim.

This is Sweet Sister Kim's girls nearly smothering poor Morgan. Isn't his expression priceless?

It should also be noted that Morgan smells really good, and I always try to hug on him now that I know that.

This is Randy. I want him to turn straight because I LOVE HIM.

This is Tiffany, who is related to Julia Roberts and has a better ass.

(I don't have the official proof she is related to Julia Roberts, but the resemblance speaks for itself.)

The guy next to Launa is Bill. He is our official party coordinator. If you ever need to throw down, Bill is your man. And two to my right, is Whitney. Whitney is sexy hot and has really pretty, dark eyebrows. She is also responsible for capturing the magic moments with Launa and me looking at each other's rack.


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