The Junkie has come Home

Monday night, Nov. 12th
1 steroid tablet
1 Singulair tablet
1 Zyrtec tablet
1 Zyflo tablet

Tuesday morning, Nov. 13th
2 steroid tablets
5 Singulair tablets
1 Zyrtec tablet
1 Zyflo tablet

Tuesday day (9-4 p.m.)
21-24 shots in both arms, from a girl who is quite used to needles, and generally not phased by such

Tuesday evening, while getting the hair highlighted shades of red that don't exactly occur in nature
Notes some general pain and slight itching

Tuesday night, approximately 9 p.m., more itching. Hmm.
1 Benedryl
1 Advil PM because I am a terrible sleeper

Tuesday night, 11 p.m., wakes up with more severe itching.
1 Singulair
1 Zyrtec
1 Advil PM (wrestles the night away)

Wednesday morning, 5:00 a.m., left bicep firey hot, swollen, brusied, and ITCHING like a MOFO. (Hmmmm.)

Wednesday later morning, 7:30 a.m., Can't think, just need to s-c-r-a-t-c-h-h-h-h-. Owe! That hurts.
1 Singulair
1 Zyrtec
1 Benedryl
20 pumps of Benedryl spray

Wednesday later, later morning, 11:30 a.m., no relief. Swelling spreading. Dear God, Seriously, why did I do this again?
4 Singulair (dr's advice)

Wednesday afternoon, 4:30 p.m.
Dr: "So you took the 4 Singulair, and it's not any better?"
Me: Thinking WTF?
Me: "Yup. 11:30. Still ITCHING..."
Dr. "Well, we'll prescribe you some more steroids. Typically they take 12-24 hours to work. Try not to scratch"
Me: Thinking WTFFFFFFFF? How about you try not to breathe?
Me: "So, if that's the case, I have steroids still in my system, right?"
Dr. "Yeah..."
Me: "How about a shot instead?"
Dr. "Not sure I have any....Wait, let me go look."
Dr. "I do have one!"
Me: Thinking grrrrreat. Another shot! Whoohoo. WTF?
Nurse: Punctures swollen arm (though not in the highly inflamed area) directly into my meat of my fat arm.
Me: "Owwwee! That, like, hurt!"
Me: Thinking I've never had a shot hurt like that!
Nurse withdrawals needle.
Nurse: "Yeah, see the size of the needle."
Me: Thinking I cannot move my arm. Seriously. WTF? I think she's proud of that needle.
Dr: "Okay, well you should be better in about 2 days. Call me Friday or Monday and we'll do some more shots."
Me: "Yeah, if this isn't gone by Monday, I'm not coming back."
Dr: Blink. Blink. Blink.

25 pills in less than 3 days.
21-25 shots...I lost count.

You can definitely say that I didn't clearly think this course of action through. And that I do not remember being this cranky since HIGH SCHOOL.


Blogger Prince Hamiltion said...

There is a simple method to be healthy: diet, exercise and emotional stability.

3:06 AM  
Blogger albert said...


Didn't know you are THAT sick.

What did you catch??

11:08 PM  

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