What the world needs now--

Is some common sense. I believe that good help is that hard to find. In fact, I'm reminded of that daily. Lately, I've been on a somewhat healthier kick (key word being the comparative, "healthier") for TCBY. Since I'm a poor girl, I've been downsizing my Shivers, and just recently opted for a Parfait instead. I've mentioned that money is a consideration. Yesterday, as I scooped into the plastic glass with ultra fresh Reese's Peanut Butter Cups topping, I noted that the inventor of this very "Parfait" had the layering all kinds of wrong. From the bottom of the cup, they start with a topping and then add the ice cream, or yogurt rather, so that you end with three levels of alternating topping and yogurt, in that order. What I found most disturbing is that when you get to the end of the cup, you're left with a whole lot of topping and no yogurt. For me, the yogurt kind of serves as a thirst quencher (should that be hyphenated?). So, I was just munching on straight Reese's cups, which gets kind of rich. After much deliberation, I decided the only reason that the Parfait inventor decided to mandate that the Parfait start with a topping is because he or she is anal and wanted it to look even. I can almost relate to that. For if the inventor ate the damn thing, he or she would realize they had the design all ass backwards. Say I picked a different topping, like chocolate syrup or something. Who wants to eat nothing but an inch of syrup that rests lonely in the bottom?

Today, back for round two, I decided I would politely request that they switch the layering up and start with the yogurt first. I so should have known when I received the blank expression that something was going to go awry. I watched the young girl start off with my vanilla yogurt, but she seemed to overfill the first layer. Half the cup was already filled with yogurt. Sandwiching in two more additional layers of yogurt was going to be a challenge. As I pictured her trying to remedy the situation, I felt a furrow crease between my eyebrows, but then the other girl offered to ring me up. As a result, I could no longer witness the Parfait-making process and was distracted with paying. When the girl handed me my treat, I realized why she gave me a puzzled look. I was handed a plastic cup with only TWO stinking layers of yogurt and Reese's cups. TWO! Do you know the mountain of yogurt that existed between each layer? It was a lot! I was going to have to eat most of that stinking stuff without a topping. Dude, that's what you go for--the TOPPING. Hello? I wanted to say something like "Um, where's the next layer? I'm supposed to get THREE layers lady. I expect a 33.3% discount--at least--for this damn thing."

I left miffed, really miffed. And as I sat, eating mostly vanilla yogurt with just a few crumbs of Reese's topping, I thought to myself, "The world needs more common sense. "

Damn that blonde Germantown yogurt bitch.