The Dance

I attended a wedding today for someone I've known most of my life--Wes Ward. I have so many memories with this guy. I spent many teenage years secretly in love with him. I used to watch him across the street playing baseball, shooting hoops, washing his car, or working in the yard. When I started high school, he and I became very close. He was like the big brother I never had. We used to take these hour-long walks through our neighborhood late at night. He even got me to start liking the music of my native land, also known as country. To this day, I can't hear a Garth Brooks song and not think of Wes.

I recall several times when he defended me growing up. One time, mean ole Jeremy Lewis threw gum in my hair. I think I retaliated and tried to hit him or something, which promptly caused me to get punched in the face. The beating would have been much worse, but Wes jumped in and restrained him. Another time, in high school, my boyfriend broke up with me for no reason, or so I had thought. The next day at school, I learned it was for another girl, and by that afternoon, I could no longer restrain my tears. Wes asked me what happened. When I told him, he quickly offered to kick the boy's ass, which somehow made me feel better. I told him it wasn't necessary, but I think he ended up getting most of the baseball team after him.

I've always loved Wes. He just warms my heart every time I see him. I ran into him this past year when I was working. When I saw him and our eyes met, he got this huge grin across his face. I was paralyzed where I stood. He walked over to give me a hug. When I wrapped my arms around him, I realized I might not be able to let him go. He is one of my favorite guys to hold. After the two halves of my brain stopped fighting--one side telling me to release him so he can breathe and the other side telling me they will have to pry me off first--he turned to introduce me to his fiancee. My stomach sank. Engaged! That was definitely not something I ever envisioned, well, unless it was to me. I tried to offer a heartfelt, "Congratulations," but every brain cell was arguing with me.

I remember another time I had run into him on Beale Street a few years back. We met at a club and hung out for the rest of the night. He even bought me a few drinks, and I think he dumped his friends to hang out with me. We ended up leaving with a friend of mine who drove me back to my car. So, I took Wes back to his house. I'm not sure exactly how intoxicated he was, but he kept telling me to give him a call. I could tell he was hitting on me a little bit. I was really hoping he would try to kiss me or something...some sort of affirmation that he liked me.

To this day, I have never managed to lay one on the famous Wes Ward. And now, my chances of landing the deal just dropped about a zillion percent. But that's okay. I will always love him more than the brother I never had.

Congratulations Wes. This time, I mean it.


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