Tachy and Brady

Congratulations to my lazy butt for working out. I did way more than I thought I would have been capable of hours before going. By the way, I think one of two things happened tonight. (A) I discovered two brand new, broken treadmills with whacked heart monitors; or (B) I suffer from heart arrhythmia. My heart rate went from 160 to 110 to 142 to 170 to 135 in a matter of seconds...on both machines. It changed as fast as I typed those numbers.

I flashed back to the fitness test I took in college. As I peddled away on my bike, the guy asked me if I felt okay. I responded that I did, and he told me my heart rate was dropping. He said if I felt light-headed or dizzy that I should stop, but that never seemed to be the case.


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