The New Smart Car

I just returned from my lunch break and had to literally race my little car to catch up with this new car. It is so cute--in the same way that a Mac computer tech boy can be cute. The owner of car saw me with my mouth wide open and a gaze on my face. He put down his window and started telling me about the car. I could hardly form coherent sentences because I was just staring at this tiny car. It's like half the size of BMW's Mini Cooper.

He bought the car from Europe and has it licensed here as well. If you read the link above, you see this really cool feature about the car: "The smart shows the chameleon charm of its Swatch watch influence with brightly colored thermoplastic body panels that can be changed out at smart centers in Europe and Japan in about an hour." Oh, and it gets about SIXTY MILES PER GALLON.

Yeah, that's so cool.


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