The Logic of it All

I went to four years of high school, like most kids, to come out on the other side not that much wiser. I stressed so much about high school, thanks to teachers telling us college was the end all for life. I managed to graduate--not that I was even close to not graduating--to go to college, where I then had to take four more years of "general education" requirements because, well, they want you to be well rounded when you leave. It all seemed like deja vu from high school if you ask me, but no one asked me.

Upon college graduation, we had to take a new exit test. This test was to see what we retained from our four years at the university, and thank god, it didn't really count. It counted for the university, but it had no personal impact on me. Finding out a test has no real impact is always a big relief.

Now that I'm looking at graduate school, the same mindless people want to test me again to see if I'm smart enough to come back to school. Am I the only one who sees some flawed logic in that? Why would they even care? I thought they just wanted my money. Who knew they were going to be snobby about it.


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