Phoning Home

I work for a huge pain in the ass that happens to live in another city. In fact, she is such a pain in the ass, that I have named her file on Outlook "PAIN IN THE ASS." She typically sends me e-mails that are very curt & lack the sort of pretense most people commonly use, such as words like please and thank you.

She is often so abrupt that she never types her name, only her initials. This shortcut wouldn't really be a problem except for the fact that her initials are ET. And each time I read something she has signed with "ET," my brain immediately associates that with the ugly, little brown terd from the movie. About five seconds later, I realize what it stands for. My brain goes through this each time she sends an email, and no, I'm not kidding. It's a vicious brain battle.

I sent my friend an email telling her that such person should really start typing her name out rather than just her unfortunate initials because everyone is associating her with that wrinkled blob creature thing-y that likes Reese's Pieces candy. My friend wrote back:

"I just busted out laughing like a crazy buffoon. Don't do that to me-I sound like a mental patient."


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