Swoop, There It Is!

I had to post a cheesy title because I have never been this stinking excited in my whole entire life. I just got FRONT ROW TICKETS for Alanis Morissette, and I GET TO MEET HER!

I got the tickets through an on-line auction, which I had never used before; however, the first bidding round I lost to some chump. I had been in the lead for a week, and then out of nowhere, some a-hole trumped me. I tried desperately to recapture my crown, but I couldn't beat the a-hole. I did learn a lesson. Be the swooper, not the swoopee.

So, instead of placing an early bid, I waited, and lunged with such precision thinking that I captured those damn tickets. And when I go to this concert, I plan on finding the a-hole who trumped me and rubbing it in his/her face. Because not only did I end up scoring the tickets, I paid less than half of what I was bidding in a fury of frustration and total desperation two weeks ago.

Oh, Alanis. They are going to have to peel me off of you!


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