This is How Rednecks Do It

This is Josh, and what he is pointing to would be some missing hair. The accused would be sitting next to him. At a rather early point in the evening, there was some hand holding of bottle rockets and shooting them at one another. Josh's sideburn got caught in the crossfire.

When the alcohol kicked in, there was a massive hunt for any item that would induce major explosions (i.e., spray paint, PAM®, ether, liquid Drano® and aluminum foil (WTF? Who's heard of that?)). I recorded some of it, but unfortunately, I'm not techno savvy enough to put it on here.

There was also a point in which we were all gathered around the fire and someone thought they were throwing a bag of trash into the fire. A few seconds later, fireworks were shooting out in every direction while everyone scrambled to get to their feet and run. Seemingly, he just stood there and laughed. SWEARS he thought is was "just a bag of trash."


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