Dear God, I think I'm racist.

I know that I am. I cannot stand people who work in customer service and cannot speak the fucking language. Whether they are white, black, Hispanic, or middle eastern, it just drives me batty. If I have to spell out Memphis because you have begun it with M-I or you ask me to repeat my "suit number," I'm going to get irritated. When I say the name Grider and you keep repeating it as "GiRder," I'm going to verify your spelling because you are saying it wrong AFTER you heard me say it THREE times. Just stop that. When I tell you that our mutual client has recently passed away and you ask to speak with him, I'm going to sigh a great deal. Did you hear me, lady? If I try to verify a payoff for an account to PAY YOU and you tell me that I'm unauthorized to know that information as I'm reading it, you're going to cause my blood to boil.


Blogger Kristina said...

I'm not sure that makes you racist. Slightly off topic, I to cannot help but wonder why every major corporation seems to enjoy putting people who have rather thick accents in customer service. Perhaps it is simply because the corporations don't actually want to help you.

Therefore, they figure if they put people who will be difficult to understand on the phone most people will just give up and hang up and live with the issues.

11:42 AM  
Anonymous Jeni said...

Maybe I'm thinking it's racist if I said what was going through my head when I heard the accents. That would definitely qualify as racist.

I think companies just don't pay well in customer service positions, which is unforunate, because that's often a major impression on your customer.

10:49 AM  

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