Come As You Are

I have finally been reading Kurt Cobain's Journals, a book I have owned for possibly more than a year and never actually read. Parts of it are sad, and what led me to pick it up, is random. I was reading about this new (to me) band that opened for Cold. They are a pretty heavy band with a girl as their lead singer. She is maybe five feet tall and 105 pounds, but her vocal ability is astounding. She has the most beautiful voice and then she can SCREAM with such rage. I just fell in love with her. The band's name is called Flyleaf (also here). I bought their CD that night. I met Lacy, Jared (guitar), and the drummer, James. The drummer kind of stole the show. For some reason, he makes these really odd, pained facial expressions, often stressing his tongue. He borders on looking mentally challenged. It's quite comical, I assure you. But either way, I started searching them on the internet. Due to their official home page giving my computer problems, I opted to peruse their myspace page, where I started reading commentary. One of the posters had a picture of Kurt Cobain and the "conspiracy" of his death. So, of course, curiosity led to several websites about his death and possible homicide. Reading about Kurt kind of twists my heart. Part of me still wants to cry. I wasn't a HUGE, die hard fan, but yes, I walked through my high school with an illicit CD player blasting Nirvana (and lots of Pearl Jam). So after about an hour reading up on him, I pulled out his Journals and started with that. I'm a terribly impatient person, so it's usually really hard on me to sit and just read something longer than 2-3 pages. But I'm about half way through the book now, and I do plan on buying more books about him. He's fascinating to me. I copied this excerpt out of the journal because I literally started laughing out loud. This writing is probably funnier to me because I've done nearly the same thing. So, I'll leave with you with it.

"I defrosted the icebox with a hammer. Hours later, Tracy noticed an awfully powerful fume & so we thought it was Freon. So we got the animals outside & the fumes became so bad that we couldn't go in there at all. It started to burn our skin & so we stayed next door for 1 night & in Tacoma the 2nd night & turns out it wasn't Freon but even more of a deadly gas called sulfur dioxide. It's like if you were to fill a bucket of bleach and ammonia & tie someone's face to it. I left a butterscotch Swiss MissĀ® pudding out over night & it turned bright fluorescent green. So don't beat your icebox with a hammer.

I talked to Jesse again. He's not getting a divorce anymore, instead
he's buying more credit cards."

(Love his randomness.)


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