I've Been Sucked In, and I'm Okay with It

Vortx Bar & Grill

This dive is often labled as a "biker bar," but it is far more cooler than that. I have been totally in love with this place for about three or so years. I fell for the skull doorway, and this past weekend I fell in love with the Black & Savory Burger, which I ate twice.

Too Much Info: I sat up in the middle of night trying to get a decent burp up, which nearly caused me to throw up. As soon as I let it out, I declared it in the name of the sarcred burger. My friend said, "Oh mercy. That smells horrible. Oh, I think it's hovering. It's left a cloud." And all I could do was cackle, which is typical when I cause others' discomfort of any sort.


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