Um, Yeah

I went shopping (more like browsing), on my lunch hour with my boss. As we walked through Sharper Image, eyeing all the cool gadgets, he plopped himself into one of those massage chairs that wrap around your ankles like banded cuffs. So, I looked around and saw a fancy foot massager. I debated removing my heels, and then remembered my fear of all things germy. I placed one of my heels into the machine thinking I wouldn't feel much through my pleather shoes. Then the thing started to jiggle about, and my eyes just rolled back into the top of my head. I tried to utter a sentence, and my boss goes, "This totally reminds me of Harry Met Sally." All I could do was stammer, "Ohhh, Ahh, Oh My G--, Oooooh, Whooo, If you, Uhhhhhhhh." Then, I started to cackle because I had chills all over my body, and I kind of couldn't think coherent thoughts anymore. The vibrations were ricocheting through my calves, so I quickly whipped my other foot into the machine and melted into the chair. By then, my boss said, "Your face is turning red." When I finally found the stop button, I tried to stand up, and my legs had turned to jelly.

So, yeah, I highly recommend that thing. Totally worth the cash.


Blogger Þhân†ôm said...

The ones I see in there that I want are like $3,000. I guess it's kind of like the $18,000 (no typo here) pen that I saw in the pen store the other day.

My dad used to say I had good taste. Oh well.

10:43 PM  
Blogger Jeni said...

Well, apparently, you do!

9:27 AM  

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