A Revelation (That I Don't Agree With)

I was at lunch with my coworkers today and discussing someone that I thought was very cute. One of my coworkers asked if the boy looked criminal, and the other replied, "Yes, that's her type."

I said, "Criminal? Where did you get that from?" She said, "That is totally what you go for."

I think they are just disgusted with the fact that I find tattoos a little appealing. They can be daunting, I am the first to admit, but damn.

This really just makes me laugh. I like people that are different. I remember being totally smitten with this boy in honors English in high school. He had bright red hair that he always kept long, porcelain skin, and blue eyes. He was a genius that could write poetry and draw and discuss any topic with artless intelligence. He had a hippy nature about him, and I recall him bringing me acid once. I had this obsession with wanting to see it. He sat in front of me because of our last names. I knew that he had developed a crush on me, and I pretended to be ignorant of it. Secretly, I totally wanted him. I just assumed that we were so different and everyone at school would ask why on earth we were interested in each other. Being the private person that I was, I just don't think I could have handled the interest in my affairs.

I still think about him from time to time. I wonder what he does now and where he lives. My high school reunion is next year, but I kind of doubt that he would go. Part of me would want to be in a corner with him talking the night away; however, sometimes the excitement that I imagine in seeing people is quickly squished when they just look at you and say, "hey" as they walk by, which is probably what would happen to me.


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