Relativity Equals What

Relating can be everything. I, apparently, have nothing.

A woman, and I'm hesitant to call her a co-worker, got married...in the atrium of our building. I heard rumors that she wanted all her co-workers to attend, and that, that was her ultimate reason for picking such a location. Yesterday, a few ladies from the office below mine came bustling out to decorate about ten feet of the stairs with tulle and Garden Ridge variety ivy.

I don't actually know the girl that got married; I was actually proud of myself for knowing who she was. I've only spoken to her a few times when I get mail from downstairs. She kind of frightened me. She's unusually loud. The kind of loud I somehow associate with people from the North, or those that are just deaf. When she talks, everyone in the room hears her, and sometimes turns to look at you.

I managed to avoid most of the ruckus; however, I got cornered later. As I was walking back into the building, the bride was coming toward me. I smiled and said congratulations, and she immediately began talking to me, though never acknowledging what I had said with a thank-you or anything else appropriate. She babbled on about how this was supposed to be a small affair with a justice of the peace. Somehow though, it became more than that. I managed to utter "but it was cool." I rolled my eyes inside thinking that was a stupid thing to say, but I needed to consider she wasn't the type to hear me, much less analyze what I had just said. I should have said something about it being trashy. I'm certain she wouldn't have heard a word I said. She would have continued talking about the ceremony or something else I wouldn't have been interested in hearing.

I would be willing to grant her the self-indulgence if I knew that she was just nervous & excited, but she's like that all the time. I imagined her being one of those wives that men dread having. The minute you walk in the door, they talk ninety to nothing. All you want to do is change out of your work clothes and relax, but you can't because there's this woman that has so much to say. She's not really interested in what you want or how you feel. She just wants to tell you everything that has transpired in the last five hundred and forty minutes you've been apart.

To the happy couple. [shudder]