In Demand

Well, I finished (add a big, heartfelt "Finally!" there) with my first chapter in Dreamweaver. Was that candy-ass chapter supposed to help me? All that entire chapter did was see if I could follow directions. I don't think I learned a damn thing. Not to mention, I was very frustrated with the so-called directions. Whoever wrote and EDITED that book should be shot & killed. Seriously, did anyone read that chapter? That chapter is precisely the reason my major was invented. To think I have a whole book I will have to get through. That is so not motivating. I think I'd rather have my eyelashes plucked.

That book reminded me of the computer class my college required me to take. It made no difference how long you had been using a computer or what level you were on. I was in a class where they were teaching people how to open and save files! Did I mention this was college? Dude, I learned that in the fourth grade. Is it any wonder I have a problem following directions and waiting on the rest of the class? In first grade, I was almost held back because of my poor scores on the state's standardized tests. I think the teacher figured out I was going ahead and working on the next sections before time and/or receiving direction. I think my impatience caused me to do poorly because I wasn't a dumb kid. I was just bored off my ass. When I want to learn, I want to learn, damn it.

My mentor needs to live much, much closer. I cannot stress that enough.


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