Who's in charge?

I don't want it to ever be said that I don't have a heart. I brought Miss Muff'n cake to share with my co-workers, the ungrateful ones I posted about earlier. See? I am nice and probably a little too forgiving.

I had something else to say here, but I've forgotten. I know it wasn't relevant to the cake sharing, but I'm certain it was important regardless.

Ahh, I remember. Yeah, I have a beef with one of the two idiots who designed the keypad on the telephone and the other idiot who designed the 10-key pad on computers, calculators, etc. Why on earth were they switched? Why is there just not one common keypad? I have the worst time dialing phone numbers. For awhile, I thought I was an idiot and just couldn't dial telephone numbers, but I now realize I tend to not look at the keypad on the phone. I dial while looking at the number instead, which leaves my fingers to go by memory; however, my fingers' memory is more in tune with the keypad on the computer. I dial and don't even realize I'm doing it backwards. Does anyone know how frustrating it is to have to dial a phone number over again, and sadly, sometimes more than that? [Someone give me an "Amen!"] Even though my brain knows to reverse the keypad, my fingers don't listen, which certainly adds to the frustration.

I would have discovered the 10-key pad design problem long ago if I had gotten to test it. If I were ruler of the world, this is at the top of my list to change.


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