"Strong like bull!"

I definitely believe in signs and the power of karma, though I'm not sure "power" is the right word for it, and karma isn't really relevant to what I have to say. I discovered that volunteering for an extra shift tonight was probably not intended for me. In less than an hour, while doing some ultra taxing dusting, I managed to pinch a finger in a ladder (leaving me with a bloody digit), get two splinters on two separate occasions, and drop a heavy object on my arm, which is now swollen. The last incident reminded me that I'm extremely grateful my grandparents wouldn't allow me to drink Kool-Aid when I visited their house oh so many years ago. Such a ruling led to my liking of skim milk, which is probably a bit of an understatement. I'm quite sure I should have suffered a few broken bones during the course of my life, but seemingly, I have managed to stay in tact thanks to all that ingested calcium. Please don't mistake that for bragging; I'm actualy giving praise for what seemed to be the worst two weeks of my childhood. It ended up being the only vacation I was ever invited to spend with them sans my parents...wait, or maybe ever. Though they can't recall much of anything anymore, they can still name every item I broke in that two-week period.

On discovering things I wish I hadn't--

I think I could cry if I only knew how. Nothing seems to sink in like it used to. [Screw the segue.]


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