Love in Vegas

I got a phone call last night from a very dear friend. Oddly enough, we went to high school together, but never actually "met" until some years down the road. He's a very bright, gifted, and admirable friend. The guy who I'd never imagine settling down has finally cooled his engines with a great girl...in sin city, also known as Las Vegas. I'm envious of his happiness but in a good way. He's managed to extract what he wants from life, and that is certainly a precious gift.

We met tonight for dinner with another couple, one of which also attended high school with me. I miss so many people from those days. And the few people I get the chance to catch up with are always more endearing than I ever remembered. I hope I'm unexpectedly better than others remember. I think that would be a good thing.

I'm up past my bed time, but it was most definitely worth it.

A side note. My mother left the paper out for me. It seems Pringles potato chips are suffering a shortage due to the tornadoes hitting their only plant in Jackson, TN. I think I just found another reason to love my own state. I, probably the best (note I didn't say biggest) supporter of Pringles Light ever, am wishing the plant a very speedy recovery. If Pringles continually experience a shortage, I will most certainly drop a few pounds. In my world, Pringles are a staple product--up there with toilet paper and soap, only a bit more edible, of course. So, if you see a girl lugging about ten of the silver cans to her car and you're wondering why, you'll know two things. First, you'll know it's me, and secondly, you'll know that I finally have a good excuse to be buying such a large quantity.

One more note, and then I'm done. I think someone gave my cat speed while I was out.


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