Envy with Inspiration

I've been giving it some thought. The "it" of course being designing my own web page. I'm tired of saying I want one and being frustrated at myself for not making it happen. I want a good one too. I won't settle for some text boxes with a few pictures, which will probably be my downfall. I don't really like to learn things one step at a time. I jump in wanting the end result on the first day. I have a feeling this drive will deplete my next couple of paychecks with a new need for some fancy software. It's just a hunch.

I hope this turns out to be one of those things I was falsely intimidated by. I'm trying out the power of positive thinking. It's never really been me. I'm the "realist." So, add it to the list.

[Crossing all my body parts for good luck 'til I look like a twisty pretzel.]


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