A Journal to the Gods

Always, always, always, and then sometimes always, before a vacation, despite the fact I am SO organized, on top of things, detail-oriented, planned way before advance even enters the picture, I somehow have always remained a night-before kind of packer, and I absolutely hate it. No amount of time before lets me pack unless it's the night before. I end up staying up most of the night and then getting up really late (or early depending on how you look at it) in the night, long before most consider it a new day, to complete the packing and do a final getting ready in my own bathroom thing, which is treated like my last day on Earth or something. I scrub my skin so many times like I have to be as clean as I can possibly be before I leave my home. It's like my last chance to be THIS clean, because for the rest of the time, I will only be hotel, travel size, less options clean. And to be honest, I just don't feel clean on vacation. So, I'm a freak like that.

But tonight, I'm doing the one hundred seventy six items on my list. Suddenly, I realize as I go through my wallet, I'm missing my most important credit card. No, it's not just a credit card I use everyday, in fact, it's one I've never used. In order to save some MAJOR money, my hotel was running a special through the one credit card I didn't have nor did anyone else in my family. So, my good friend added me to her credit card just so I could get a discount. And now, the card has gone AWOL. What's up with that? That ugly, gold plastic thing is missing. How? How is that even possible? I don't lose things. I just used it like a week ago the book the hotel. Where the hell could it have gone?

Why does eveyone else who goes on vacation with me get to bed at like eight o'clock? I think they know I'm a last-minute packer and that something always totally stresses me out, and they avoid me worse than the plague. Can I just say that the night before my eleven day vacation from HELL in Hawaii I spent the ENTIRE NIGHT PACKING. I had NO SLEEP. Do you know what a bitch I turn into when I don't get any sleep?

I need that freaking credit card damn it. Once I find that sucker, I'm so going to rip it a new hole.