A Family Gathering

The coversation went a little something like this:

Mom (says to her mother): "You have to check out my new iron."

(Mom enters carrying her new high-dollar iron.)

Mom's Mom (dazzled): "Oh, is that a Roweena?"

Daughter of the Mom with the fancy new iron chuckles and asks: "Did you just say Roweena? It's Rowenta, but I like Roweena much better."

Mom's Mom (shaking her head): "No, then that's not the same brand I have."

Mom (smiling): "Yeah, it's the same brand."

Daughter: "It's Rowenta, I promise. See? (pointing at the label) It's w-e-n-t-a."

Mom's Mom furrows.

Mom's Mom: "Oh. Well, it's a Missouri pronunciation."

Daughter: "Roweeeeena. Yeah, I really like that. Say it again, Granny."


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