No Match to the Matchbox

I just returned from one the best concerts I have ever been to--mainly because Rob Thomas makes my ovaries ache with lust. He is the most beautiful man, and when he swings his hips just ever so slightly, I start to drool, alongside every other female in the audience. At one point, while watching him twirl the microphone around, I thought to myself he is so going to drop that, and sure enough, he did; however, he recovered nicely saying, "Did you see that? It attacked me. And where the fuck were you? Security my ass!" He even makes the word "fuck" sound enticingly sexy, and I totally want to smoke when I see him with a cigarette. He's just hot, hot, hot I tell you. I watched most of the show about fifty feet away from him, glued to my binoculars. I memorized every inch of his body as best as I could. I'm convinced he is heaven on earth. I just hope my pictures turn out to support that opinion.


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