Moms Know Best

On November 1, 2003, I wrote an entry about people who annoyed the crap out of me. My mother brought it to my attention, that six days later, I became pretty sick. Please note that on November 1, I wrote about a girl who came to work sick. I also happened to throw something in the trash can that very day, and because I had to stuff it inside the trash can, I felt a snot rag, which is pretty disgusting. I'm not sure if the germs jumped from the trash can to me, if I forgot to wash my hands, or what, but I think I have what that freak gave me.

I started feeling pretty bad on Friday, and as a result, came home and immediately crawled into bed. I woke up feeling worse on Saturday, but I didn't want to call in sick. So, I went into work. Sunday, I felt even worse, and now my whole body aches like I went into the gym or something. Of course, all the medicines I've been taking really haven't done much. I can't breathe through my nostrils, and each time I attempt to eat, I'm reminded of that fact and feel like I'm going to suffocate. I continue to down loads of Vitamin C, drink juice with more Vitamin C, and even suck on some Vitamin C candies just for good measure. (And I'm not sure why I think the "v" in Vitamin C should be capitalized, but I'm just too drained to go back and fix it.) Please note that once again, Sudafed, Sudafed Maximum Strength, Actafed, Vicks, and Saline solution haven't budged the snot in my sinuses to ship out. The only thing that works is stinking Afrin. I want to know why that stuff is so good.

I feel like crap, and I so badly want to call in sick to work tomorrow; however, Monday falls in conjunction with the holiday on Tuesday, and my place of employment tends to not pay people if they call in sick in conjunction with a holiday. I also just moved to a new department, and I fear the people there will view me as fake or a wimp, even though they wouldn't really be inconvienced if I didn't come in. Does anyone else have this much trouble calling in sick?

And how can snot drip from your nose, but air cannot get in, and when you blow your nose, nothing comes out? That's just wrong on so many logical levels.


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