It's Not in the Water

I'm on a new theory. Vitamin C may be the missing the hormone I've always needed. I started taking some before my most recent trip to Atlanta, and I noticed my mood was about ten times giddier and happier than ever. In fact, people were commenting on the change. I might have started to believe I was a happy person all on my own, so I slacked off on taking the vitamin. I would take one here and there, and then everyone started asking, "Have you taken your vitamin C today? What's wrong with you?" Sadly, peeps who knew me best were surprisingly accurate as they pointed out days where I'd missed a dosage. I took one today because I was feeling a little down and frustrated. Within hours, I was pulling stunts and cracking jokes with my bosses. Can vitamin C really be all that I need to be a happy person? And how sad is it that I need a vitamin to make me tolerable? I walked in the door from work today, and my parents said "You've had your vitamin C today, have't you?!" I laughed and said, "Yeah, can you tell?"

The regular me would have furrowed and said, "Why?"


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