Doing the Bull Thing

I posted an entry about two weeks ago stating that I found a new job--with a pay raise. Well, it looks like I found two new jobs, and I'm working both of them. I have become a part-time organizational bitch to the wealthy, defined as those who are willing to pay me to organize their lives. I don't think that I ever realized that the whole world doesn't function like me. Sometimes, you grow so accustomed to the way that you have been raised that you just assume everyone works the same way. This past week, I've come face-to-face with that ingrained Reno-thing. Not everyone is a Reno, and I can't see why. We are such good people. We are efficient neat-freaks who do everything for ourselves that is humanly possible. Let me cite some examples. We don't dare take our vehicles in for ANY routine maintenance. We don't have hired help--maids, lawncare, or even house-sitters. We don't use professional painters or plumbers. We pull each other's teeth. (Okay, I say "we," but I really mean mom, and she will totally yank your tooth out with some plyers. If she says she's just going to get a "grip" on the tooth first and that she will tell you before she pulls, if she pulls, remember that this is the same woman that married into the Reno family, & she's getting that freaking tooth out even if it has roots connected to your sinus cavities.) So, where was I? Ah, yes...being a Reno and organizational skills, which have been continually pointed out to me in the past month or so. So much so, that my boss told a few of her friends, and they requested my services. And this is where I realize the world isn't like the Renos. People don't know how to use their computers. I was paid for an hour as I dragged & dropped files through Explorer. I organized a few kitchen cabinets and tried to explain the best way to begin organizing a house full of "problem areas." I had to create a template spreadsheet to track business expenses and explained the benefits of Quicken. Need I even state the reaction I received when I questioned if someone had ever cleaned their car's engine? See, that is something that Renos do routinely. I just assumed the world was with us--like doing laudry or washing the dishes.

I'm so warped.


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