Damn It!

Recently, I decided at the ripe age of 25, I would work really hard to get long-term financial plans in order. Nearing the quarter-century age can do that to a single girl. I took a leap and decided to invest some money into a mutual fund. In less than five days, I have already lost more than $40. In my lifetime, I have never lost that much money. My father assures me that when investing, and investing wisely, I will net a much bigger gain by diversifying. I think he is a fat liar, and I intend on making him recoup this bad, horrible idea if it doesn't net SOMETHING soon. I cannot stand to lose money. I'm not a gambler, unless it's someone else's money, but even then it still hurts me; although, a part of me is thinking to truly "diversify," I should buy a couple more mutual funds, right? But who has that kind of dough? (Don't feel obligated to answer that question.) I could end up tripling my losses. This is such a horrible thing to encourage a person to do. You would think I grew up in the Depression if you really knew me. So far, I make more money from my Discover Card than I do my IRA.


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