Jeni, Meet Jenny

I just hung up the phone with a customer who sang me a song. Well, sang may be a bit of a stretch. I called to confirm a transfer for him, and he immediately started rhyming on me. I didn't know what to do. He's an older, fiery type of gent, and quite frankly, I never know what he's going to do or say. If he yelled at me, I think I could produce immediate tears though. He's sharp like that. When I met him, and he shook my hand, I thought when we released one another, my hand would still be in his.

Anyway, the song had my name in it. He said a couple of verses. Something about Jenny (I'm assuming the spelling there) was 22 and decided getting a husband was the thing to do. She made up her mind and then something about her getting a husband that wasn't hers to which I cracked up laughing. He went on to tell me another verse where Jenny decided she was going to outlive everyone else, but then something about gin entered the rhyme, and Jenny kicked the bucket. He told me I needed to go get the song and "stick out your [my] chest" and says 'That's me!'


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