Get to the Good Part

Patience is something that if you don't have it, you certainly can't fake it. You can't pick it up at the store, even if you were willing to wait in line. You can't just download it from the computer, the one place that can almost respond to your requests immediately. No matter its make-up, there's nothing you can combine to produce a healthy dose of it.

I envy those of you that have it. I don't know where the hell you learned it from. Perhaps I was too busy reading ahead in class that day because I've never had an ounce of it. I was the kid that almost failed kindergarten because I went ahead on the test without waiting for the teacher's instructions. Lesson was never learned. I did it again in sixth grade, and some punk kid told on me. Those timed tests are RETARDED. If I've finished early, why do I have to WAIT on everyone else?

I've worked retail for ten years. I don't stand in lines well. When I'm behind a counter, I can work two registers. Why can't anyone else? Why is there no sense of urgency when you have six people waiting on you?

It's all I can do to fill out paperwork at the doctor's office. Sometimes, I can't listen to a song in its entirety. I will skip to the next one, while my company says, "Awe man, why'd you do that?" and my only reply is telling them that the song was almost over.

I just want you, world, to know that I can't wait on you. I try. I really do, but my patience is much thinner than most people's. It makes me fidget. I just want to shake free of it as quickly as possible. You're just going to have to accept me and know you're making me crazy in the process.


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