My Sister Writes

An E-mail Entitled: Steph's Sickness

"I thought you'd get a kick out of making fun of me. I have a sickness, a disease. I'm going crazy. So here it is…. One of the girls here made a cake for Stacie's b-day, which I think was around the 20th? Anyway, they can't stand for stuff to sit here, so they threw it away. You know what I had to do. Yes, I'm digging out of the trash and eating it. Of course I can't literally dig the whole thing out and eat it, so I'm eating it out of the trash can.

It’s still so moist. I'm sooo sick and messed up. I can't control it. "

Yeah, and here is where I claim she is of no real relation to me. I swear she's a genetic marvel all on her own. The Reno's don't really like to claim her. In fact, the other day I was telling my parents that we should tell her she was actually my aunt's child. They're all weird on that side of the tree anyway. I really think we could convince her of it.


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