Let's Not Question It

I go through this dilemma probably every other week. Working in a bigger department with ten printers or so requires an atrocious amount of copy paper, and I swear NO ONE is capable of filling up the reserve we keep next to the printers. If it runs out, you have to go to one of the empty offices where the paper is actually delivered. If the reserve runs out, there are some people capable of walking in there, but they only return with maybe one box of paper which goes directly to the printer in need. And I can only handle so much of this, so I always end up filling the reserve, which requires I lug out the dolly in my three-inch heels and pile on about sixty pounds of paper, usually requiring at least two trips, possibly more. (I metioned the three-inch heels, right?) I do load about twenty drawers in the copiers first because why fill up the reserve if you need it in the copier, right? Logic. Yep.

So after I was tired of squatting in my three-inch heels, I decided to fill up some more legal paper in another copier. I left 10 reams (2 boxes) on the ground. And that's when the most beautiful thing took place. Marty, my new hero, who is shaped like a walking stick (the insect), just walks over to the boxes and cuts them open. He then starts to empty the paper and place it into the reserve. And I'm just standing there with my mouth agape, and he's just talking to me like nothing magical is happening. Tears started to form in my eyes, and my heart started to swell. It was like there was this gravitational force between the copier paper and Marty, and I didn't want to interrupt their flow. After a few seconds, when the blood rushed back to my head and I could breathe again, I said, "Marty, I want to propose marriage you, and I know you're gay, but dude, no one does that. And you went to that paper with such a purpose." And Marty replied, "Yeah, I don't know why I did that. I just did." And the more that I poured love on him, the more he said, "Yeah, that was strange. Why did I do that? Why?" and I said, "Marty, let's not question it. I'm in love with you right now. I'm even thinking I owe you lunch today."


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