Because the World Moves for Celebrities, or Just the Mere Thought of Them

Possibly against better judgment, I let my father borrow my digital camera. And not having that thing in my purse, well, it upsets me. I curse myself when I leave the house without the camera. He has left for an extended trip to Syndey, Hawaii, and a quick touchdown in Fiji. When he said Fiji, I caved, because that is totally the place all the celebrities go, especially for New Year's. And plus, Tablet Hotels emails me way too many aqua blue surrounded hotels, though actually, there is only one hotel there on their list.

I had to give him a brief overview of the camera, for a second time. He can't see many of the characters or symbols on it and quickly resorts to doing that old-people thing of jerking his head back and simultaneously holding the camera farther away. I'm only slightly concerned he'll flip through the pictures and see shots of my cleavage. I was attempting to do something artsy, but I'm not sure it turned out that way.


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