My Heartache

It seems that each time I take a trip to Atlanta, I wind up compacting the trip with numerous errands while I'm there. I can barely recall a leisurely trip to the city. There is always so much to do, and in part, my haircuts and color take entirely too much time out of a day. Sitting in a salon for what can easily turn into five or six hours, can really stress my to do list. My company always gets to complete all their shopping while I'm wrapped in foil and trying my hardest to sleep with my head up.

I already have an appointment for cut and color, two errands to run on behalf of other people, several stores that I must hit, and a cake to pick up. Of course, I'm trying to plan the logistics to where I can eat at two (new to me) restaurants, and I'm not sure how that will fit in. Because we are basically addressing an eleven hour day.

Don't get me wrong. I love Atlanta. I would propose marriage if I ever thought she'd accept. She has my heart for life and much of what could have been my retirement as well. I just wish our relationship wasn't one of long distance.


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