A Complaint Against My Body

I hate the way that I sleep, or don't sleep. I hate the way that a turned doorknob can make me sit up in bed. I hate the way that the smallest amount of a brighter light from my alarm clock can actually wake me sometimes. My stereo makes the slightest pop before it comes on, and I wake to that, not the music. I hate my dreams. They make me anxious. I just want them to go away. I will get angry at my brain for thinking moronic thoughts, and I do mean moronic. I never sleep very deeply. Though my inner alarm clock is nice in that I rarely oversleep, it never allows me to actually enjoy days off, like today. I am WIDE AWAKE on a day off. That is such bullshit. Even though I will stay in bed, there will be no sleep to be had...just some moronic dreaming off an on.


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