My Other Mini Beating Heart

There is possibly no other person on the planet that could appreciate a shot like this one displayed before you. My dear, sweet friend, Malcolm, recently totaled his Mustang. So, now he drives a Mini Cooper. He sent me several pictures of his car; actually, he sent them twice, but this picture was sent in the second batch.

Malcolm is an incredibly talented graphic artist living the fast life in Vegas. He and I became acquainted at my part-time job nearly six years ago, even though we knew of one another in high school. When we would go out together, he liked to dig in the crawl of everyone's ass with his Mustang. Because I am used to people who like to drive like that, I found it kind of charming, because, as my girlfriend always tells me, I should have been born with a penis. I vividly remember some blaring Limp Bizkit and feeling the rush of excitement driving like we were teenagers, though we were many years past that point. We sat in the bar while he doodled on napkins, embarrassing me by telling me I was beautiful because my face had a lot of symmetry.

Malcolm left me like all my cool guy friends leave me. I've seen him once since he moved, and we got to hang out. He's one of those guys I just want to shrink and carry around in my pocket. He's oozes charm, sex appeal, humor, and you just can't help but love him and laugh with him.


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