Goodbye 2005

I wish for things silently. I wish for them like I were still a little girl, and somehow, if I believe hard enough, they will come true. I will still look at the sky and pretend that there is someone that listens to my heart. I wish for things that would sometimes hurt me as consequence. I try to wish bigger than my own needs, but my own needs always find their way into my wish list.

I wish people would have more heart. I wish we would listen longer and talk slower. I wish we could find more sympathy for one another. I wish we could all see the greatness we have. I wish we weren't afraid. I wish we would give until it hurts. I wish we all got a second chance. I wish we'd stopping keeping secrets. I wish we'd sing a little louder and love a little stronger. I wish we didn't covet. I wish we wouldn't lose sight of what's important.

I wish you'd have a good New Year's.


Blogger Þhân†ôm said...

A happy New Year's to you, too.

If even one of those things in your last paragraph happens, then it'd be a great year.

2006 - the new frontier. May it be a good one.

10:44 PM  
Blogger PB said...

Thanks. I will if you will.

Nice voice, BTW. If I were the Granter of Wishes, I'd make all yours come true.

11:59 PM  
Anonymous K20A said...

Happy new year Jen. I see you're wishing for lots of improvement. I must say, you inspire me in many ways about how you shape your world.

1:20 AM  
Blogger PB said...

New year.
New profile.
New you?

So tell me, Mistress of the Mystery, what IS the meaning of life?

And please don't tell me it's a Monty Python movie. (-;

12:17 PM  

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