Just Heard

"I wonder how many babies will be conceived tonight?"
I scream, "Shawn!"
"What? Seriously. Think about how many women will have to give it up tonight that normally wouldn't."
"Yeah, must I?"


Blogger PB said...

Did you? Get something up, I mean? I hope so, if only by streaking nekkid through the office.

BTW, there must be guys out there who cringe at having to fulfill their manly obligations on V-Day. Well, one or two perhaps. FYI, I'm NOT one of them. (-;

4:44 PM  
Blogger Jeni said...

If you (one) are dreading sex with a spouse (etc.), I fear there are deeper issues at hand. Maybe they should just rename the holiday for what it's really about.

I was dating this guy one time that took me out with several other couples/friends. While we did have a good time, I was just constantly counting down the minutes until we could get horizontal.

Mandatory get-you-some.

Also, I definitely know that you are not that guy. If your writing didn't give it away, the link to tantric sex would. ;-)

10:27 PM  

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