Perhaps the Gayest Thing That Will Ever Come Out of My Mouth

My department here is very small, very, very small. My last department had about twenty people, and I really miss the interaction with all of them. Either way, my boss is in the process of hiring another person. In our meeting, I realized that she wanted to re-interview someone else that she liked and previously interviewed when I was trying out for the position. That kind of scared me because I thought, "Oh crap, what if the new person ends up being like twice the worker I am, and then I look really bad?"

My boss is really different than anyone I've ever worked for. She's like an unsually polite, Southern, cheerleader-y kind of person. She was explaining her thought process in hiring the new person, and that she really wanted the new person to fit here personality-wise with all of us. And then she dropped this e-bomb on me.

"Well, with you, I just felt like God sent you to me."

And then I felt a twinge in my eyeballs.

So I emailed my girlfriend that I have officially become an emotional retard.

She responds, "Are you getting feelings???"

"I don't know. Maybe I am. What's up with that?"

"It would be kind of nice actually."

I think what gets to me is the fact that I was in such a bad place before this opportunity--a very dark place that was beginning to feel like a vortex of despair. So I kind of made a pact with God, and I maybe threatened him a tad bit, which I'm not sure He responds to, but I did it anyway. You see, I gave myself until 30. Thirty was His deadline to dramatically change my world in a better, healthier way. Though I am not a patient person, I have been damn patient, mainly because I can be a chickenshit. So, I felt like He changed it, and we've been pretty cool ever since.


Anonymous leahpeah said...

feelings can be pretty awesome, actually. if you know how to do them.

7:10 PM  

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