She Might Speak the Truth

I'm trying to arrange a concert trip, and sadly, the concert is back home, which I guess is a good thing because it means no hotel bill. I'm on the phone with my girlfriend:

"So are we going?"
"I'm not sure yet. I think so. There are four bands that I want to see, one that I kind of know, and three that I've never listened to."
"Have you heard back from--"
"No, not yet."
"We have to pay $9.00 per ticket for a "convenience charge." That sucks so bad. I hate Ticketmaster."
"Well, you probably need to hurry up and get the seats."
"It's G.A."
"Ohhh, crap. Really?"
"Yeah, why. G.A. is a good thing. I can be FRONT ROW!"
"Yeah, you're not much fun a G.A. concert."
"What are you talking about?!"
"You get all obsessed with being front row and taking pictures and your eyes start darting through the crowd so that you can get in the gaps and move up and you make me strong arm people!"
Laughing, "I so do not...do most of that. I've never made you strong arm anyone!"

I've only done that here, here, here, here, and maybe (read: most definitely) here too but only because from here pictures don't come out like here. I maybe did it a lot here too, but I wasn't armed with a camera, damn it.

Clearly, I have proven my point.


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