Yes, I officially possess a new talent. I can control the weather or at least the rain. Okay, well maybe not so much the rain, as in I can't stop it, but I can definitely bring it on like no other. I might have inherited my talent causing it to be genetic. I decided on a late night run to Walmart, which I am so not a fan of. I parked near the door to the regular Walmart, as in not the food store. The doors were locked. (What's up with that? Some twenty-four hour service.) Anyway, I hiked to the other side, remarking it could be much worse--extreme heat or, and dare I say it, pouring down rain. Thirty minutes later, there was a frigging thunderstorm, which I had to run through all the way to the other end of the monstrous parking lot. Me, who abhors running, holding my breasts in place, furrowing that my hair is not obeying anymore, and trying desperately to keep my sandals on.

See, I can cause a thunderstorm. If only I could use my talents for something worthy and get some monetary gain from it all. I'll share my secret. All I have to do is consider the possibility of lying out for some much need tanning or wash my car. Tonight's experience brings me to a whole new level.

On another note. A conversation that got me tickled.

R: "Are you still trying to get that job?"

Me: "No. The market is really bad right now."

R: "Okay. We aren't the kind of people who talk about the market."

What made that funny is just how true it is. I'm so not the kind of person to talk about any market.


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