Red Flagged

So, I just returned from an unexpected evening. A good friend of mine has been taking dance lessons (the ballroom type) for his grandmother, which is actually pretty noble. He invited me along to see him in action. Keep in mind this is where he was dubbed "swivel hips." I couldn't pass up such an opportunity. He warned me that there would be a sales pitch; however, he failed to paint the picture accurately. I was accosted, ever so jubilantly, and asked to dance. I tried to be polite with many no thank you's, which eventually turned into what kind of girl I was for not wanting to dance. I kept picturing myself on the dance floor colliding with other dancers. I then winced at the thought of smashing some poor guy's toes with my Asian wedge sandals. Every scenario in my head ended with someone getting an injury. They had a showcase of "exhibitionists" who would dance for everyone. At one point, the woman did a kick. I again pictured myself knocking off someone's head. I was later handed a bright orange sticker baring block letters "G-u-e-s-t." I asked if I had been red flagged. They laughed and assured me that wasn't the case. Though I wasn't the only guest, I was the only one with a bright sticker on my chest. And it should also be noted that I was the only one not willing to whirl around the dance floor. Think they lied to me? Maybe they were trying to spare my feelings. I'm certain after that point I wasn't asked to dance anymore. The guys would just walk by me with feigned rejection. One girl mentioned how pitiful one of the guys looked. I agreed, but it said it looked a bit rehearsed. He furrowed at me and then quickly dispersed.

On a more historical note, I spied the lunar eclipse.


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