John Boy II

*My high school hottie has returned. I sometimes wish I could read thoughts because I would certainly love to read his. I proped our door open the other day to (hopefully) expel some of the chilly air that seems to flood our department from the adjacent office. As I was coming back from an errand, I saw him run SMACK into the door. He paused and gave the door a funny once over and peered into the office, looking for me, I believe. For some reason, I didn't bust out laughing, but he quickly realized that I saw him. He asked me why we left the door proped open. Out of breath from carrying up food & climbing stairs in high heels, I explained that when the two departments were redone, the air conditioning from one side still dumps to our department, so much so, that our air conditioning doesn't typically run.

I proped the door open again today. Though I have a heating pad on my lap with a wool jacket in the middle of summer, I'm still numb. I've had my nose buried in a book all day, and I heard what sounded like the smack of a hand (with a ring) on our door. I peered up to see him smiling at me. He has a boyish charm about him. He wants to do things that make you smile. He was very much like that in high school. Though most of his antics were incredibly immature, I think he just wanted the attention. He borders on being the so-good-looking-you-can't-look-him-in-the-eye type. And speaking of eyes, he has those crystal blue eyes that seem glassy or Siberian. I think it's been awhile since any boy tried to make me laugh. I like him more than I did in high school, even if he competes for some attention.

*Please note he doesn't actually belong to me and never did.