You're Driving Me Nuts!

I'm convinced I should just start a web page of things that annoy the crap out of me. I envision this page could go on for years. Perhaps I could get others to join in. There could even be feedback. I couldn't possibly be the first person to envision such a dreamy place in cyberspace, could I?

(1) I work in the aviation business. People use the phonetic alphabet a lot in the industry mainly because of N-numbers or registration numbers; all aircraft are identified by it. An example of an N-number is N-187JS, which you would say as "1-8-7-Juliet-Sierra." Now, I understand if people don't know the phoenetic alphabet. I never knew it until I worked here; however, people that own an aircraft should know it. If they don't, they most certainly should not make up the few letters that they don't know. Either stick to the common man's A is for Apple, B is for Boy, or use the correct phonetic alphabet (e.g., Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, etc.). Dude, when you mix them up & say them quickly to me, I can't get what you're saying. I have to mentally picture what your saying & then my brain is thinking, "Okay, G is Golf. But what? N as in Nancy? Is it Nancy? No, wait. It's November." And by this time, you have spelled out your entire e-mail address to me, and I only have the first two letters and have missed the last twenty.

(2) Get a fax machine that works. Don't call me and ask me to fax you something, and then, tie up the line for the next eight hours. Don't beg me for a quick fax and then get on the internet with your behind-the-times phone connection. People still use those?

(3) Don't call me ANY name UNLESS you know it's me.

(4) Please don't take the time to rearrange my desk. If you think an object should be scooted a little to the left or a little to the right, remember that those aren't your objects. If it's a nervous, obsessive habit of yours that you cannot control, please refer to the scowl on my face as you move the object back to where it was. It's my crap. If you want to keep all of your digits, I suggest you heed my expressions and interpret them correctly.

(5) Taking your anger out on me because you didn't know the meaning of "amortized." Granted, I don't think most people on the planet understand what I mean when I say that we amortize loans. I'm always willing to explain. But man, if you do some simple math and multiply your payment amount by the number of payments, should the bank be getting less back than you borrowed? Does that make sense to anyone out there?

*For the record, I was going to stop at a nice number of five, but I got another one.

(6) If your name is something like "Grzeskowiak" or "Pathoumphone" don't even make me ask you how to spell that. If you do make me ask, don't get annoyed that your family never chose something a little easier on the tongue.

Hot Topics to Come:
--Bathroom Etiquette
--College Requirements
--Health Insurance
--Car Insurance
--Buying an Automobile