Newfound Excitement

Yes, I truly am ecstatic. For the past two days, my twenty-five minute commute to work has jumped up to beyond two hours as a result of the severe storm and its damage on the city. For more than one hundred twenty minutes, I traveled approximately twelve miles. Yesterday, at quitting time, as I turned onto the dreaded main road Germantown Parkway, I could see nothing but a sea of automobiles. My heart sank. I could not go another day sitting, crawling, and creeping my way around the city. I made a U-turn and headed for the interstate, which is always busy at rush hour, but I just prayed that busy didn't equate dead stopped. I made it home in about thirty minutes. I think I said "Yeah, Germantown, have I mentioned the traffic and how bad it is?" at least ten times last night. It was making me absolutely crazy.

This morning, I decided I'd give the interstate another try, and holy schlarb, I am at work thirty minutes early. I was probably the happiest driver on the road this morning. I was grinning from ear to ear, grateful that my car was in motion. I didn't have to turn off my ignition every thirty feet, waiting to inch my way to work.

I am the most grateful girl on the planet right now.


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