The Remains of the Seattle

So, if you read my blog, we are all well aware of the fact I decided to take a vacation on the west coast this year, in the beloved city of Seattle. I just finished updating all of my bills, and I am somewhat proud to admit that I am not negative in my account. I have a whopping $1.81 left, which is amazing, really.

Since I decided to stay at a posh hotel, I completely forgot to budget for things like mandatory valet parking, which ending up costing over a hundred dollars. In addition, I have stayed with this particular hotel chain before in my favorite little big city Atlanta and the internet is free there; however, Seattle charged me. Therefore, there were no regular updates to my blog, and there was also virtually no checking of the email, unless you count me stopping into the Mac store to thief the use of their internet because I'm not beneath doing so.

I enjoyed Seattle tremendously. There were nice breezes coming from the bays, which seemed to be in every direction that you looked. I never got tired of looking over the shimmering blue waters and wishing I were on one of the sailboats or riding the skis, thinking that if my father had planned this vacation, that is exactly where I'd be. (Sidebar: My father has always planned the best vacations, and he did so long before the convenience of the internet.)

The decision to rent a car turned out to be a good one, especially when my mother said we should drive the ten or so blocks when we went shopping--in case we bought a lot. We ended up parking two blocks away from our hotel and paid $23 dollars for about five hours of parking. Remember, that $23 was in addition to the $28 we paid to park our car at the hotel. In addition, I want to mention the importance of remembering which block the garage is on, especially if every step you take is in any sort of high-heeled shoe.

The one thing I do remember with great clarity: swearing off reading a map ever again.