Crack Does, Indeed, Kill

I spied something so good today that I wanted to share it with my blog. As I drove to work, I heard a motorcycle vibrate nosily around me. As I looked in all directions, I realized some idiot on his bike decided to cut between me and another car...because that's what motorcycles are for. As he zoomed past me, I saw what I can only presume was his girlfriend on the back of the bike with her ASS CRACK totally exposed. I immediately started howling with laughter thinking that would totally be my luck. I would be riding along on my bike or even someone else's bike with my ass crack hanging out for the whole world to see. Honestly, that's all it would take for me to never leave the house again.

I did manage to catch up to the bike at the stoplight. He was right in front of me with his chick's ass crack just begging for a picture. I whipped out my camera phone, but the sunlight was so bright and because those cameras don't zoom, I couldn't quite capture the beauty of the moment. I also noticed that the guy might have noticed I was trying to take a picture as he kept turning around with a very perplexed look on his face.

So, I decided I'd do the next best thing. I'd blog about it.


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