I'm busting out my cat tonight.

Every time I go to clean his litter box, before I can even get the top off of it, he comes bounding into the room and jumps into the litter box. In the midst of my scooping, he will start to dig feverishly, with both paws scratching in unison. He then quickly assumes his "potty stance," where his eyes glaze over and he transforms into a statue. What's funny about this routine--or compulsion rather--is that even after he is finished doing his duty, and I scoop it out, vacuuming up all the litter that he flips everywhere just to see me furrow, and leave the room, HE RETURNS TO GO AGAIN. One of two things are going on here: either he's trying to rattle my own cleanliness compulsions, or he has one of his own, and it means there must be something in that damn litter box at all times.

Obviously, one of us is going to have to give in here, and I have a feeling it will be me.


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