Good Tidings

It turns out that the people I work with are big gift givers. And I kind of like to think of myself as a good gift giver, but these people are making me look and feel like a major chump. My love has always been cheap, and usually, easily purchased by the most unlikely tiny trinket. We all exchanged our under-$10 gifts the other day, and I absolutely loved seeing what everyone bought. It was hilarious to see what people would trade for. I, myself, was robbed TWICE. I tried not to remain bitter because it made me rob two others. One associate commented that I said more that day than any other time, and all I said was "Damn!" and "Damn it!" when my gifts were STOLEN right out from under me. I started out with fountain, and man was it cool. (I think someone had to spend more than ten dollars on it.) Anyway, after all was said & done, I ended up with a candle that smells a lot like Jolly Rancher's candy.

The past two days more gifts have appeared on my desk and from people that I don't even necessarily work for, so they were really unexpected. I have a home grown (?) stack of pecans, hot chocolate in something that looks like it came from Martha Stewart, an ornament, chocolate candy, and a new mug that also happens to be filled with candy. I'm extra appreciative of these gifts because I am the new girl here. Many of these people have known and worked with each other for quite some time.

I wish Christmas could last forever sometimes. There is no greater anticipation that I can think of. In fact, I'm always a little sad Christmas Day because I know it's really marking the end of something. The presents will be opened; the food will be cooked, and the decorations will be torn down & tucked away.

I say it's all about the Eve. There is no greater apex.


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