Who Do I Know with a Pool?

If I ever call you between the hours of 11A.M. through, let's say, 2:00P.M., you really need to pick up your phone. There's a good chance that I have found a deal for you, and it's probably something that you totally want or need. (I firmly believe there's a fine line of separation in those two words.)

Me: "Hey, do you need any beach towels?"

My Aunt: "No, why?"

Me: "I'm shopping, and I can get them for a really good deal."

My Aunt: "How much?"

Me: "$3.00."

My Aunt: "Oh, get me four!"

I didn't even have to tell her that these are the really good ones that sell for $20 a piece and can wrap around your body at least three times. So, rather than spending $90 on them, or even $25, I got four for $13 because I am totally bad ass and don't mind gloating about it.

It kind of feels like stealing.


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